Change color according to app main colors

Hey I just wanted to know how I can add something like this in my app :-Smart Scanner {Finally Released} - Elegant Material U! and awesome features
like in this app. Change status bar,navigation bar and title bar color every time user navigate through my app to match those colors according to app main colors as it add a cool effect to app .
I some one knows then tell me

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You should have the same primary and secondary color in all parts of your app. So choose a constant color for status bar, navigation bar.

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You’re right but have you tried my app, colors change according to accordingly like in playstore when you browse different sections of app like app,movies,books etc then status,title bar and colors of other components changes and they look good and something similar happens in my app when you navigate through it .

Glad you liked the idea , You can use respective blocks of the component whose color you want to change and when an event triggers like a button click changes its color to the color of your choice .

I can suggest that you go through all screen blocks and see what they have to offer

The answer is there, you just have to find it