Smart Tool–All In One Tool successfully make in Makeroid

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Smart Tool–All In One Tool

Describe your app:

Smart Tool Is One Of the Best Tool for Social Media With Lots Of Features.

App Store/Download link: Download Smart tool

You can watch this Promo Video of Smart Tool For Know About the features.

Long Description -

Smart Tool is best tool with Text Repeater, Status Saver, Emoji Text Converter, Blank Message & Many More.

You Can Do Many Things with This tool. Many Features in Queue. Let’s Enjoy Smart Tool.

With Smart Tool, you can:

  • Convert Normal Text To Emoji Text
  • Repeat Text To Unlimited Time On One Click
  • Send Direct watsup Message Without Save Number
  • Send Direct Watsup Message With Text
  • Send Blank Message On Any Social Media
  • Save Watsup Status Photos
  • Save Watsup Status Videos
  • Mirror , Flip & Reverse Any Text
  • Change Normal Text To 17 Different Stylish Text
  • One Click Message Share
  • One Click Copy Text
  • Auto Play Watsup Status

Smart Tool Features:


Normal Text to Emoji Text: Simply Type Normal Text & Choose Your Emoji Then Your Text Convert Into Emoji Text. Means if type A & Click on Convert A make with Lots of emoji.

Text Repeater: Simply Type your Text Then Put Number of time you Want to Repeat and choose new line or not then it automatically repeat your text.

Direct Message: Some Time We Want Check Only This Number on Watsup or not. Or some time we want send message to someone without save their number, so there is a way to do this. Simply input text and click on send if these number on watsup then it open in watsup conservation or if these number is not on watsup then show number is not on watsup. Also You Can Enter Number & Message Both Them Smart tool Redirect you to watsup chat with this message.

Blank Message: if you want to shock someone, then this is a best way. You Can Send Blank Message to Anyone to Shock His/Her. Simple Choose new line or not then select Number of blanks then you can simply share or copy this.

Status Saver: When You like Some One watsup Status & If you want this then what you do? Simply text to those person to send the photo or video to you. But Now No need to do this because you can save watsup Status Photo & Video directly to gallery. Simply Click Download icon To Save Status in Gallery No Data Consumptio

Reverse Flip Text: If you want to prank some one then you can prank any one with this feature Simply Enter Text & Smart Tool automatically change it to 3 differnt type. Its look like Crazy.

Stylish Text: Simply Enter Normal Text & Smart Tool Change It to 17 Different Text Style. It Look Like Different Fonts But Without Installing Any Font In Your Device.

Whats’ New:

Some New Feture Added Like Text Play , Stylish text, Direct Message With Text etc.
Some Bug Fixed
New & Improved UI

Special Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: To All Extention Developer @Taifun @Jerin_Jacob @Shivendra_Kr_Sahu @Mika @appybuilder
Thanks to :hugs::hugs: @walya_express for supporting me to make this app.
Also Thanks to all the beta tester of smart tool.:grin::grin:

App Store/Download link: Download Smart tool

AIA file Available ( Free & Open Sorce Aia Available On My Channel.)


Superb app

I think @Diego and @Sander you should check this app really amazing for WhatsApp lover :sunglasses:

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i want this aia.interface is excellent :heart_eyes:

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Nice work but… did you make this with Makeroid? I know you will share the aia the coming days but did you also test it with all builders around to see if it works? If you are using extensions or builderblocks that are only available inside one builder your aia will not work.

The maked app section is only for apps made with Makeroid.


yes this app is maked with makeroid

i make this app with thunk before but now i make it again in makeroid with new fetures & UI.

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Then you shouldn’t post about it in the thunkable or ab forum.

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yes i post in all form only because the post rich to maximum people but now i removeing this post form ab & thunk


Any problem ? Sir @Peter if we are including thunkable name in this post

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This app is only for personal use and here @Surendra_Parihar is not going to share the aia of this app.


No, Makeroid even has emoji for them. :makeroid: :thunkable: :appybuilder:

It just that you should only post in the forum of the builder you are using. Out of respect for the other builders and because of the differences between the builders.


Yes i Understand
All community have their unique category for make post of apps which make by using of their builder and if i post my app which make in makeroid then it should be wrong.

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WOw that’s a great app
I dare to say it’s one of the best ever made with Makeroid.

Congratulations, man! And it has a nice layout too. Normaly the apps made here focus on the functions and forget the layout, but yours is very good


:blush: ya very intelligent App :wink:

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i finished watch it on @walya_express channel, and i get the aia file link but not yet download it. I have question, can i remake this aia (maybe adding some feature or maybe removing some feature) and then re distribute ?