SMS Provider for Kodular

Hi Guys! I would like to ask if there is an existing SMS Provider without fee, I need to use SMS for my apps, I tried to use the OneSignal but they are requesting Twilio Account, and when I access on Twilio I’m surprised for their SMS Fee. I don’t have anything to pay now for that service but still I need to use any SMS Provider for my apps specially when I’m using number Verifications Features.

I highly appreciate if anyone here can tell me something like that exist.

as a new developer I haven’t accomplish anything yet, I hope anyone can help.

thank you.


Firebase cloud messaging

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I’m trying to use that method too unfortunately there a limitation for the message to be sent, or you maybe have trick to encounter that problem I gladly know if you could tell me.

Firebase cloud messaging has enough free messages limit

then I’ll Gladly use that, if it can send unlimited message, do you have any sample block for that features?

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