Sms Sending to many users at same time?

I want to Send a Sms to Many Users at same time, how to send that if i am using a separator between numbers like 0900,0800,0700 its only picking first number and sending message to that number, is there any way to send one message to many users at same time in one click, like sending an offer to all subscribers.

Be aware: You can not send a sms directly if you are going to put your app on Google Play. That has always to go through the default texting app.

If you have a long string of data seperated by a comma use this block to turn it into a list. image

Then go through each item in the list


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i am not gonna upload it on play store, just for my own use like an Admin Panel App,

let me recommend to use a clock component to add some delay (a few miliseconds) between the sending of the sms, see also The ‘Do something’ example


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