😍 Snake and Ladder game or ludo game aia file

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Do you mean in thunkable? It is your project but the website name is a little strange (aiaforthunkable.com)


we buy this domain when we provide aia file for thunkable only but now we provide aia file for kodular also. this aia file is only for kodular.


can i play multiplay this game

1 bug found in ur applications when i go on recent menu or close app by home button its plays songs

This game is multiplayer, as you can see in screenshots.

Nice ,:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

it’s snake and ladders not ludo then why do you say β€˜β€™ or ludo game aia file’’ it’s misleading

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Ye rho ludo nahi hai phir ludo kyo dala title me ??

Please, post your messages in ENGLISH, ok?

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It is probably hindi:

@Srinivasthegreat Are you looking for how to break lines in title?

By using this example we can also develope ludo game in a same way so that we add ludo game in title. Also we work on ludo game

No bro he just wanted to say that why title contain ludo when it is not a ludo game


this game is online multiplayer game?

can anyone tell me the way to create ludo game in kodular, thanks :grin: :grin:

The best way is with a lot of time and effort on your part.


with this method you can also make ludo game

my developers work on it you will gate ludo game soon

Please make online multiplayer ludo game with realtime user