Snow Fall App [created in background]

Test app :- Snow.apk (5.7 MB)

Price :- 200 inr (google pay)

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What is the use of this app?


I am trying to say that the user has not provided any APK, AIA or any description for the app. Simply what is the concept? and if you talk about it being a Guide as I understand from below post.

It is not a guide it has no explanation for it. I think the mods should review the topic and move it to its correct place or the OP should edit the post…

It will create beautiful UI and this is very good :ok_hand:

I just say this will make UI more beautiful

It will heat up mobile and use much RAM.

I have shared ui designs for user and as for aia and apk file I’ll post it later because I have not yet compiled the project

no nothing special is used just one extension and some logic

Test app available

It works in background of a layout but I have not used any video background extension but one extension that drops a .png formate images with given size and speed to flow and count to flow images