Social media database in firebase

I want to develop a database in firebase for my app where u can post, like and coment too. But m not sure how to dave data in firebase real time data base so that every post is attached with its comnts and likes and all the data be showed in app properly.
Suggest me the databasr structure and blocks perfect arrangement… I think every one wants to develop such an app so suggest your ways.

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No i don’t. And please search the forum. We have more questions about social media and firebase. My questions would be why do you think your app will be used instead of all the once that are allready around especially the big ones like FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc, etc, etc.

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LOL… Suppose if ur idea is unique??? Tiktok is in trend even in the presence of youtube… Google overpowered even in the presence of yahoo… Didn’t it??? It depends on uniqueness of ur idea… Got it… If u have an idea help me otherwise… Ignore it and allow others to help…i have searched the whole community but not found what i want so i create the topic… Its a community… A community for help not a community just to criticise.

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I only asked you a couple of questions. If your idea is so fantastic that you can compete with Tiktok, Google, Yahoo then you should search for someone who can sponsor you. If your app will become so popular as you think than your firebase database will be flooded with content and you will have to pay a hefty price tag to keep it running. If you think that asking a few questions is criticizing then you don’t understand the concept of a community.


If i have idea so I can’t share because i make my own app and if i stuck so i ask community for help.
Same applies for all if you started making an app and stuck at any place we would help you just making dreams is other thing.

Yeah bro i tried my best but my problem i m not structurizing data as it is required. I neeed help in data structure. Becz i m user or tabular type of databases but firebasr id quite different

Use sql database

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With different tables in it and make foreign keys in all table in simple you need to make relational database