Social Sharing Buttons with activity starter


i wanna to add social sharing buttons on my app in which each specific button with share the file on a specific social meadia and i thoughtthat i can be done by activity starter but how???

i wanna to make activity starter to share on

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Whatsapp (its already available in taifun sharing so no need to explain for whatsapp)


Use the Sharing component and let user select the social media

For Facebook I found this:!msg/mitappinventortest/CgB86rO-_vg/iPOPlUZ6EZsJ

I have problem in activity starter - they are not working - showing error 601 or 602. i m attaching screenshot of block screen. kindly help me .

.Start activity put this block on last ( after data uri block) in all head block that it’s. Injoy

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Bro you are doing wrong .
You are calling activity first and thensetting the data uri.
It will definitely bshiw error.
Put that start activity at last

@Taifun can u solve this problem .
As you have already added WhatsApp share in your extension . please these option also with media sharing

Why don’t you take a look to our sharing component?
There is too a option to share a message to a app you want.


I m already familiar with Makeroid as

I already Mentioned I want media sharing option in it.

Thanks all my friends. I solve this problem.

how to share image on instagram ?

Instagram does not allow it.


can you provide blocks of this ?

i cant send images in instagram feed

i want to send images in instagram feed to complete my app

Have you really read what I wrote above?!
Instagram does NOT allow it.