Socievil (Google Play)

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Effe Due is proud to present Socievil, the best self-promotion app in the World!

  1. Sign up or login to start the game.
  2. Upload a picture, add your name, your main web contact, and a message that will be read by the speech synthesizer of your opponents.
  3. Choose your opponent by dragging your picture towards him/her.
  4. Win the fight, score points, and you can add the defeated to your contact list.
  5. The higher your score, the higher the chance to appear among the other users opponents.
  6. Buy the upgrades to get stronger, and to increase your chances against your opponents.
  7. Show Socievil to as many people as you can, and invite them to join this new and amazing community.


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Nice effort. Your UI can be improved.

I have a question :point_down:

I don’t understand your idea. How to fight?

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There’s a mini-game inside my app: when you choose your opponent, you have to defeat him/her in a sort of shoot’em up battle to increase your score and climb the ranking.

What makes your app:

What would people use your app for? Who are they promoting themselves to?

For example, imagine you have a business, with website and a slogan representing it.
Thanks to Socievil, users choose you among the six available opponents (namely the first six of the ranking) can see your picture, browse your website, and listen to your slogan by means of the text-to-speech.

Ok, I get it now. Interesting idea but you’re probably up against Google Ads, Facebook ads, Linkedin etc. Hopefully your app works out for you.

Just a tip: professional people might not want to play a game or be interested in leaderboards. So you should figure out the kinds of people who would want to play this kind of game, pay for power ups to enhance their stats, and rise up leaderboards.

Once you know who is interested in this kind of thing, you can market it to them.

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Yes, I already planned a marketing strategy which I hope it works.
Thanks a lot for your feedback and your tips! :wink:

Just one opinion, no offense: if you want your app to succeed, you need to improve its UI. It is not good.

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You’re totally right. I’m already planning a better UI for the next release.