[Sold Out] Hangman Word - Learn more words everyday to boost your vocabulary

What is the name of your app? Hangman Words

Describe your app:

Enjoy Hangman Words on your mobile! This epic game is suitable for all age range, especially for those adults who want to practice their language skills and vocabulary or learning new words. The epic hangman words is designed for your you.

Attain any level you want at no cost, earn star to help you at challenging time.

The hangman, also known as “hanged” is a classic game in which you will have to guess a word by choosing the letters that you think may be included in it.

How to play:

Choose letters to help you guess the hidden word. The more letters that you get from a hint, the more likely you’ll be able to guess the word correctly.

When you successfully guess a word, you will have 3 star added to your game balance. Stars from your balance can be used to reveal letters when you are stuck.
You will win the hangman game if you can write the correct word before the figure of the stick man is completed. If not, it will be hanged and the game will be finalized.

  • Hundreds of words & a wide range of categories.
  • 100% free. All content is available to everyone without any cost.
  • Options to turn Music effects on/off.
  • Game progress will always be saved.
  • Hundreds of words and levels
  • Simple and fun game

Learn more words everyday to boost your vocabulary.


AIA file (Optional)

Test APK: Hangman_Words.apk - Google Drive

Price $5

Extensions used:
Phase by Shreyash
Goodv by varsha
FloatingView by jarlissonlira2
MaryDialogs by Sumit1334
explosion by Balajidev

Thanks to the wonderful extension developers :grinning:

When I try to test the APK, it just closes the app.

What Android version are you using?
Test on Android <8.1 it crashes on Android 8.1> .

Oh okay, thanks for that.

I just realised I’m using Android version 11. I thought I was using a lower one. So it should work.

Yes, it’s working.

Is this buying the rights of the game or just buying the game to play? Because it’s very cheap if it’s for the rights.

If it is rights, is it exclusive rights?

It crashes on Android 11, I just tested it.

Yeah, am awear of this, can’t just figured out what causes it, maybe some of the extensions I used.

Yeah, I made it that cheap anybody can learn from it and also improve on it.

What extensions did you use?

So like if I buy it, will I be able to put it on the Google Play store? Or do you mean if I buy it, I will only get to play the game, not get the rights for it?

You’ll be able to put it on playstore

I used explosion, Goodv, FloatingView, MaryDialog and phase extensions

You should put that in your first post together with the extension developers name.

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I have included it in my first post.

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Will you let more than one person buy it if I buy it? Or is it a one time offer, so only one person can buy it?

If it’s a one time offer, tell me where I can pay you.

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@peter could you please explain why app crashes?

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I can confirm these are the extensions that are used, I have also tried changing the Minimum APK level, nothing, checking if any values were empty, nothing.

Oh good ! I had also made a hangman game with the help of @Boban (thank you again to him!), in French ^^