Solution of every problem associated with Google AdManager

As you know quite well we are battling with many problems which is related to AdManager.


  1. low fillrate.
  2. Fewer Ads on Higher CPM floors.
  3. Error Code : 0 (ad server connecting failed)
  4. Error Code : 3 (Configration Issue or No Ad to fill)
  5. Video Ads not working though all is going well from Google’s side. (It has been said on behalf of few developers that sometimes 1-2 video Ads appeared in apps)
  6. Higher eCPM Ads not work on Real package name which is published on playstore. Whenever we export .APK with modified package name, the higher eCPM Ad works properly.
  7. Some people do not notice impressions on the Dashboard for a few days. After that everything becomes normal.
  8. Higher eCPM Ads in Newly published apps perform well for few days after Same situation happens as happens with Old published Apps.

In 10 days of research and duscussion with senior AdManager users. I’ve Tried To find out the Solution.

The issue is with our “Ad Units” please I will request Kodular to recreate them. and changing like this we dont need to update the apps.

(If anybody have experience to share then please share so we can help @kodular_staff to fix this issue) many developers already left GAM.


Great research problems are same for me as well

If this solution will work i would like to request @Kodular same please recreate them :white_check_mark:


Is there any solution for Ad manager signup process? That sign up button not working.


Kodular staff please have a look.

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Kodular staff please fíx these issues by creating new ad units. it will take your just 2mints