(solved)Arrangement design extension is not working for me

Arrangement Design Is Not Working For Me

My issue :- I Want To Use Arrangement Design Extension To Make Splash Screen Of My App. I Want To Make The Top Left Corner And Top Right Corner Of A Vertical Arrangement curved but it is not working.

My Blocks

blocks (3)

Extension Properties

If Anyone have solution then plz tell me

Plz Help Me

Is the extension from Deep Host?

no it is from here

Is @Deep_Host Created This Type Of Extension ?

Try moving the Purple block to below the Green blocks.

I think you need to set the Properties before calling the method.

Okay I Will Try

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You probably want to increase your Radius too.
A Radius of 1 probably won’t be visible, try 25 for now.

There is 2 different versions 1 for Button and 1 for Arrangement.

Not Working

i will try

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Yes when I saw that I deleted my post…

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Not Working

Will Anyone Share .aia

What is the Background Color of the Parent of VerticalArrangement1?

bg is tranparent

Sorry, I just downloaded and tried the extension and it’s not working on Kodular.

first when I tried It worked But Now it is not working

is there any alternate extension for that

I don’t know.
I asked that question because if this extension was of Deep Host then there would be no docs for it.

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We no longer allow questions about the use of extensions from Deephost. He doesn’t support his extensions.