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I’m making a browser app. But how do I let users to set it as their default browser like other browsers can? I’m not using Custom Web View.

Screenshot 2022-05-06 10.55.47 AM

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Sorry for spamming but this is a urgent request

Have a look here, might help you :ok_hand:

I think customwebview extension has this feature:

Did you try it?

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I tried using Custom Web View but my app had bugs with the extension so instead I just use Kodular’s built in Web Viewer component.

If the bug is related to your blocks, they will happen no matter what component or extension you use. Just correct them.
If the bugs are related to the extension, report the bug in customwebview topic. The creator of the extension is one of the best people in this community. He will surely correct the bug and you will be helping yourself and many others that use this extension.

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SOLVED NOW! Deep Host extension works perfectly.

Only reply if you wanna share extra info, or it didn’t work for you.

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