[SOLVED]Do you know an extension able of retrieving HTML content from the web view?

Hello everyone, I’ve been looking for different extensions, the only one I could find that would retrieve the HTML content is the following:


But when I want to detach the web viewer from the extension it doesn’t work, so I deduce that this extension has a problem or is incompatible.

Do you have an idea of another extension able to fetch HTML during the progression

Thanks :slight_smile:

what about using the web component?

Talk to you about the component to make get posts? I want to retrieve the html of the page in real time during navigation to know for example the product he is looking at. It is possible to link the Web view and the Web component ?

use the property CurrentUrl of the webviewer to get the current url and load the html using the web component together with that url
you might want to try something?

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Okay, cool, I didn’t know! I’m going to try this tonight and I’ll get back to you if it works I thank you for your help, very much appreciated.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work well I get HTML but not all of it, with the webview tools extension I got more than 150 000 characters the whole page, with the web component only 10 000. I’m looking for a way to get the code directly because it often changes page, depending on the input and the choice of the client. Do you have another idea?

It’s weird I get HTML code but everything in the <head> is invisible to the web component.

That shouldn’t not happen.:thinking:
You can try to get HTML source in this way:
view-source:+ your url

This should work fine with web component.

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Thanks for your answer I’ll try this, but to see the source I have to set the URL in view-source:url on the web component? Because if that’s it, it won’t work the way I want. I want to get the html in real time because the code changes depending on what my client chooses. I would like to be able to get the source code on a variable or other at any time as soon as the URL changes.

Give it a try and let us know about the result.

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Very complicated it doesn’t work.I’ve tried to inject JS and even the Body doesn’t load because there’s a script that runs before the page even loads. So I get either null or {} or the HTML without the body, do you have a track ?

    <script>var favicon = document.createElement('link');
    favicon.rel = 'shortcut icon';

    var domainParts = window.location.host.split('.');
    while (domainParts.length > 2) domainParts.shift();
    var domainName = domainParts.join('.');

    if (btoa(domainName) === "Zm9vZGJvb2tpbmcuY29t") {
      favicon.href = './assets/favicon.png';
    } else {
      favicon.href = './assets/favicon-rl-tiny.png';




That’s how the body loads a script in the head I think that’s what’s blocking me.

But with the extension mentioned above I was loading all the HTML. Do you think if I use your WEB extension using JS I could get the HTML ?

Web page https://www.foodbooking.com/ordering/restaurant/menu?restaurant_uid=a21b9236-8bee-4113-8403-d58029a3989a

Do you think I can arrange to download the page in HTML at the time of browsing, then process the text and retrieve the desired value in a variable?

I finally succeeded with the basic web viewer.

My mistake was not to enable javascript on initialization.

Then using javascript document.querySelector('div').innerText

I managed to get the body which is hidden when you want to get the HTML.

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