Solved: How To insert an event into Google Calendar?

Hy Peter,
tanks for recurrence rule. Now I try it.

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I’ve tryed out the Extensions and your given blocks, and it worked really well. But I still got one big problem: when I click the button, The Google calendar screen opens, but the event is empty, so my title isn’t shown etc… Does anybody now, what could be the reason for that? Is it because my settings are on German?

My is in Dutch and it works. Can you show the blocks you used?

thanks for the fast reply.
i’ve now fixed it somehow, but i now got a different problem.The title and the description are registered, but my time still doesn’t register. I also can’t change the title, once it was set.

and I also didn’t understand if it’s now an “i” ore a “L” infront of “endTime”

It is a small L. It stands for a long integer.

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You have two endtime blocks in your code.

Oh yes, thank you. Now it works!!!:sweat_smile:


Hy, yann_cosson,

Is there a way to automatically save the event?


No, untill now, i didn’t… I am working on that… But I Think this could ve very dificult, because it’s a separate app you have to control… As son as I found a solution, I will post it here.

bye. :slight_smile:

Does this work better than integrating google calender API? I have been trying to use this method but i keep getting errors.!msg/app-inventor-developers-library/x4GBw8wVI0I/U5gU_TxwsUoJ

Never tried the Calendar Api, but this works for me.

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