[SOLVED] I Want to Insert Blocks by Typing in The Creator

Sometimes I feel like it would be much easier to insert blocks by typing rather than having to drag things around all the time. For example, instead of dragging elements into an “if” block I would like to be able to click on the inputs and start typing, which would automatically search for related blocks. I know adding functionality like this would be a lot of work but I think it would make using the Creator a much better experience.

Kodular do have function of adding block by typing. Just click on anywhere on the screen and start typing and it will search that block for you, press enter and it will get added to screen.


This is true but I think it would be better if you could type directly into a block’s input.


Yes I do agree. It would be great.


I disagree. The feature of Kodular that is present already is completely OK. Just my opinion.



Why don’t you move to android studio if you want to type. Kodular is truly based on blocks(App Inventor ) and it will be for always.


I like using Kodular’s visual-first interface but I think it could be even better with more typing functionality.

You can literally search in here
I think that’s enough

But by your thinking not gonna be changed. You need to be little patience because time is needed to be evolve. Even kodular staff is working hard to make it more better.

I understand this addition would take a while, but if possible I think it would be useful to have it as an option in the future.

That’s good man

After experimenting with this for a while I have concluded that Kodular’s current search functionality is, in reality, sufficient. I didn’t know how well this would work and didn’t know that searching while a block was highlighted would automatically put the searched block in the first unfilled field. For this reason, my previous suggestion can be disregarded.

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