[SOLVED]OpenRouteService Navigation Extension invoke: no method named `GetValue' in class java.lang.Boolean

Hi I have a rather annoying bug with the new Navigation extension on Bluestack.

Describe your issue

Everything becomes invisible when I include navigation.

Or in other project I get an error: invoke: no method named `GetValue’ in class java.lang.Boolean
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

Steps to reproduce the issue

creates an android 9.0 or 10 or even earlier project

Include the map, Line string, Marker and Navigation and test locally with Companion.

Expected Behaviour

That I can continue to use my application, because with the navigation I am obliged to make an APK to test my application. Because in APK it works but not with Companion.

Actual Behaviour

Blank page

Show your Blocks

You don’t need any block to get this result.

However for the javascript error there are too many blocks to include here.

Android version


You need to update the companion. There should be an update available on the Play Store.

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Not yet !!

i Got it early in the evening.

The update is available, however we do not have update notifications.

You need to go to the playstore go to My companion page and update.

Edit :

I updated it but I always get an error.
I’ll wait until tomorrow to see if there is an update.

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I didn’t got it. Maybe due to I am a beta testers

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The update doesn’t change anything, even by creating a new project you can get this blank page.

Ok on my phone it works, but on a Bluestack I get this error


Don’t use Bluestack

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I am trying to show route on map but I kept on getting an error code 4003. I have gotten my API key. I am using Google maps component

We now distribute Companion through App Center as well. You will find a direct download link in release notes in case Play Store review time delays:


Hi, can you please send a screenshot of your designer page after opening the project in which you had error?

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