[Solved] Runtime error. How to fix it?

Hi, i have a problem with web component, i need get data from url by get method, the first get data is OK but the second run return “Runtime Error”

I created video with the error demostration, in first time i select “pipo” and get data, when i select “debug” returned error…
After select “debug” get data, when i select “pipo” returned the error
Link to video

step 1: press button

step 2: get response by api

step3: Load first index in data (Name Files)

step 4: Download file selected

step 5: Get data and load in listview and list picker

I await the answers, regards

Show us your relevant blocks. Nobody can guess or spot error with just video.

By the way make sure whether you plan to show any ad after clicking the pipo or plan to display high resolution images. If so just remove ad or reduce the size of image. Both are not mean need to check up your algorithm.

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sorry, i updated the question. I added the blocks.
this process don’t open any ad or display any image.

Remove clear list block , instead set list view elements to create empty list.

And once list ready automatically it will show the result and you won’t get runtime error. I hope this error due to clear list block.

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thank you!
this worked

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If it helps dont forget to hit Solution mark…

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After latest community’s update, no option to mark solution

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