(Solved) Why does not Work TaifunFlashlight1 in Kodular

Why does not Work TaifunFlashlight1 in Kodular
I just created a simple flashlight app using TaifunFlashlight1 extension but not working in mobile. Android Version 8.0
APK Click_Light.apk (5.0 MB)
AIA Click_Light.aia (8.1 KB)

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May be taifun can answer the question…

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I use many AIA files made with Kodular do not work all. But on other platform the same method works like appybuilder and thunkable

You AIA file worked in my mobile. Maybe you did not enable the Camera permission for companion app and your app. Check if it is enabled or not.


OK I’ll check

It doesn’t work for me either. Here’s data @Taifun may need to fix this bug:
UI version: 2
Model: SMJ600-FN

If you need anything else, Taifun, let me know and I will provide.

deleted! Not a bug, you, @wizular didnt ask for camera permission on screen initialize. It works fine.

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Solution founded

As I said, you need to give permission for camera so that your mobile can use Flashlight.

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Yes you were right and first to provide correct solution.
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Thank you!

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