Some blocks are missing in table arrangement

I have found two bugs or error in table arrangement. Please fix it soon.

  1. Blocks for setting column and row numbers are missing. Please add it.

  2. If we place some cardview its not shown in table here image but shown in mobile screen.

Hi @lxmipaudel

I think you are confused between Table Arrangement and Table View.Table Arrangement is used to put/arrange other arrangements/components in it in tabular form while Table View is used to put data/content (rows and columns) in tabular form.
To create Table View we have a great extension from @Ken :

Please look at the figure above. We have option to set columns in component section but not in blocks section.

By the way thanks for the extension.

That is for components not for data.
By default you can put 4 components ( 2 rows * 2 columns = 4 components) in Table Arrangement.
Since you can’t add components in arrangements from blocks (unless you use any extensions) so there is no method to set rows and columns in blocks.

How can we show data from airtable or mysql database to table view extension