Some color not working in json

I am using dynamic schema . some color not working in schema . what i do

show us your schema…
show us your obtained result…
show us what did you expect…

Green color not showing other

you have shown only images…Nobody can guess the cause of your issue…



use negative decimals in schema

if you want custom colors use converson ONLINE

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Yeah, I’m aware of the issue, sorry about that. I don’t have time to fix it and even worse, I don’t know how can I resolve this without breaking compatibility for AI2.

Apparently AI2 uses #AARRGGBB and Kodular uses #RRGGBBAA color format (or vice versa, or something else completely, I’m not sure), and I’m saying that because when I fix that issue for Kodular, colors no longer display properly in AI2, and when I fix for AI2, colors no longer display properly in Kodular. Yeah, a basic setting (like selecting between Kodular and AI2) is probably a workaround, but I’m still not sure about other AI2 distributions, so you need to deal with color conversions like in the above post, until I resolve the issue.

Those of us who use schema have already gotten used to it so it is not an urgent problem, it would be prudent to wait for the merger between AI2 and Kodular to define the type of conversion.

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