Some Errors or bugs in Kodular Eagle

that’s what i am trying to say

I Sincerely request the Kodular Team to fix this bug.

Whare is in app update

Our sources use the latest sdk versions from google.
We use support v28.

All old extensions use older librarys.
And there you have the problem.

Its not our bug or problem.


why you did that
now my app is destroyed forever
every drop of sweat is wasted

Any Solutions or suggestions?

And the horizontal and vertical layouts? They’re Old? Do we have to create the applications again?

The solution is simple:
Extension developers need to update there extensions.

The bug is not on our side!


help us to do same with cardview component

and if they dont
becuase cardview extention was 2 years old

Your question have absolut nothing to do with this topic.

And no… Layouts doesnt use anything new…

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Use our component!

How to use it
It is not as easy as extension

how to use that i asked 10 times
i tried but got confused and there is no block for it

Then you should learn the basics

even its hard i will do but atleast
say how to because i tried many time nothing happened

If it has to do with the topic, since we use the horizontal or vertical layout as images.

You should really learn the basics.

Ok i will haha
am i fool
i want to do with list view
and in that cardview for each item and thier name and photo
tried but no not possible for me