Some Feedback for @Kodular

a team of scoundrels, who extort a payment from you, for a product that leaves a lot to be desired. they cashed in, ran away and left everyone hanging


I don’t understand why you are always complaining but still hang around here anyway. You’re not even a Premium user. Why don’t you use a platform that better suits your needs and has fewer issues with it?


because on this platform I still have large projects hijacked, I cannot pay the extortion due to the restrictions of my country and apparently, despite the promises, they will never integrate Paypal

Not Kodular’s problem.

This is libel and 100% untrue. No one is forcing you to pay anything. You are free to leave at any time.

Unless they have confirmed this, you are lying again.


it certainly isn’t, but without warning or choice they limited everything by forcibly withholding user jobs

if in order to compile you need to make a payment, yes it is


this means “maybe”

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please try to be nice with kodular’s customer. we are not your product users or your are not kodular staff. you always behave very rude with people here.
suggestion: go outside and have some walk or have some coffee and relax. sometimes sitting long time infornt of computer it happens, i can understand you but not everyone.

dont mind i just asked.


Prove this or issue and apology and delete your post.

Do make your profile Public and let me help you remind few of them! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Agree sometimes i also saw his comment He’s very rude, He’s not even a premium user but he’s showing like he is a Kodular Staff :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

He’s afraid someone expose him :rofl:

Or maybe He’s just trying to get free Premium Subscription that’s why he’s just posting on every topic :thinking:


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@deanart2012 Before you become a good developer first of all you should think that you are not hurting the thoughts of anyone around you.

Asking about proofs or evidences : don’t talk about, men I am not going to take you to court but I am explaining to you as a senior member here. If all of us together, complain against you to the kodular staff then Disciplinary action may be taken against you.

Well, make good apps & keep focus on that work which will benefit you. And don’t bother the rest of members. That was everything that I want to tell you in very simple words.


If he will become a moderator i will leave Kodular :rofl::white_check_mark:

If he continue doing like this then we all have to tale action first give him the chance maybe he learn from this and mind his own business :thinking: :100:


This is a community so preventing people from posting goes against its purpose.

You made an accusation, now back it up. You have zero proof which is why you are not providing evidence, so please apologise and delete your post.

This is absolutely 100% another lie. I’ve stated in the past I don’t want to become a moderator nor will I ever become one.

It seems like there is a bunch of you making up lies but not backing them up. Perhaps Kodular staff should take action against you people.

Yeah this is what you need to understand :white_check_mark:


Are the other people who are pointing out you on this post that your behaviour is rude to everyone, are they talking in the air? What kind of proves you want?

I have no interest in messing with you, Argued with some people is waste of time. You try it, follow the things I have said.

The rest is your wish, you will get it as you do. do good have good. cheers!


I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. I’ve never tried to prevent anyone from posting here. It’s you who is saying I should mind my own business, which is ironic as no one was talking to you in the first place.

You’re just wasting my time now. You made an accusation and now you refuse to back it up with evidence. Now everyone can see what you are like. In future let us not talk to each other.

Also posts #7 onwards (including mine) have nothing to do with the original topic. You guys started it by attacking me and going off topic, and now we have just spammed the topic unnecessarily. Hopefully the mods will delete all the spam posts.

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Never expected such a reply from you. It makes me laugh reading your reply man! You’re talking this topic too much personally.

I’m heartily sorry if I’ve said anything irrelevant. If you look back the Kodular’s journey, they have never been respectful to the users. I have bunch of proofs, so better you never ask for it. We (Me and few of other members) already had left bitter moments behind with Kodular). That’s why I told the line.

Please do respect the members. A few of Premium Users are abusing non-premium users from a long (Again, for your kind information, I have proofs). I’m also a victim and you’re also one who disrespected free users, right in this topic. I would like to quote the line below.

What was that mate? That’s nothing but a silly comment, just like Kodular staffs who is good for nothing. The only thing they are good at is putting up excuses.

Conclusion : Was @Gaston said anything wrong? Kodular was, still is and will be the laziest platform to push new mandatory updates. If this is the case, then why should one pay them? And if you ask me to left out the platform, then why should I? Just because I raised voice against the unethical steps taken by Kodular?

There are lot of things to say, but I keep quiet.