Some Material Icons are not showing in builded apk

Some of material icons are not showing in app after exporting.
It shows when creating the app but after building apk it does not appear in the app.

Icons like- sports_basketball, sports_cricket,sports_rugby does not working.

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You are right, some material icons are not showing

You’ve been using Companion, right?

Since there are icons that are displayed in the designer, however they are not shown in Companion or APK (I assume the font could be outdated)

Yeah! Icons are not working. They could have fixed it in new update. Now have to wait until next update.

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Some material icons does not show on devices running on Anroid 4 or below

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It shouldn’t happen, since Koded applications use a Material Icons TTF (though maybe a bit outdated)

I have felt that pain on my MI(micromax) Q336 running on Android 4.4…

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Yeah, from there’s side and there is nothing we can do about that

They are not present in the ttf file an thereby not working

If you can’t see them when connected to companion don’t use them

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