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*well i dont know how to make a topic wiki. mods pls can u pls make topic wiki so that all koders can share ui designs tips here . all those who wiki just mention ur name and proceed with ur information about ui design tips
Ekansh :-
you can always take fonts from

because some people search fonts in which takes money in fabric there are some fonts there are some available fonts
making dangerous ui designs

  • for making dangerous ui designs u first of all have to take bright colors
    do’s and dont’s
  • Balance bright colours with big chunks of darker or more neutral ones.
  • Use bright colours as a detail, to draw attention and guide the user.
  • Avoid using bright colours on large surfaces or as the main background colour.
  • Avoid using too many bright colours in one page or next to each other.
  • Do not use bright colours behind or near the main text copy.
  • Do not use bright colours on small surfaces that hold meaning, like small icons and navigation.

note source taken from

how to get incredible icons

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others can also post if guide is wiki else :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m not sure they will make it a wiki, but @Peter :cowboy_hat_face:


ok then lets waitt

If Peter does not set it as a wiki, people can always post comments!

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yep u are right

There is already this type of topic here in the community.


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Sadly they closed

these topics are in the #off-topic category, which does not exist anymore, which means they are read only… only a moderator can move them into another category and then these should be open automatically again…


hi in the site u can see many sites for your apps icons
they explained and u can go through all sites and tell that hows it

i cant edit topic that y i had to post like that and even topic isn’t wiki


why u shall use canva?

u can use canva to make icons, illustrations and of course lot many things
even there are apps made using canva
I have created a topic in the community too

now comes icons8

it is also a great site

Popular Icons Pack in Different Design Styles

Free icons that are the most popular in the icon library. PNG and vector icons for user interface design. Download icons in all formats or edit them for your designs.

for some time i left this site as there weren’t any better icons but a few days ago i saw it was to0 much advanced

also now u can make illustrations now

3. iconfinder

oh ok so u want an icon for your app
no worries use iconfinder
It’s a site from where u can take icons for ur app…
best thing is that it is free

Iconfinder is the world’s largest marketplace for vector and raster icons in SVG and PNG formats.


4. flaticon

flaticon is a site with many images
also most of them dont cost

Download all icons in SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS format or as webfonts

so for now I end here also I make this topic wiki so that u all can
mark the sites that helps the community to help with UI

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