Some problem with the blocks of spreadsheet

I just have a screen with a dynamic cardview of languages from where if i choose a cardview according the cardview name the table name should be set there. for that i used the get first value .But still i dont know why is it not coming and is there any sort of error somewhere

Post a screenshot of your blocks. Also if no data is received from airtable then

    1. check api key and base id
    1. check table’s name
    1. check column names
    1. check spreadsheet for empty rows or cells
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Paz paz i need to report you that we can not send more text to update on airtable

I mean limited number of text can be update else it will be bugged the limitations is too small

Limited number of text

I checked the base Id and API key and also checked the rows and columns where nothing is empty.i have different cardviews with the language name so for table I set the tablename as get first value. I checked the screen alone with the table name entered in design area and it worked


You shouldn’t post your api key here don’t you think.

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Sorry i wasnt aware of that

Are you getting start value ? After setting table’s name where do you call spreadsheet’s column ?

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An example

He contacted me via pm and looks like his problem is solved.

He didn’t added get column event and added other events in got column blocks


As I said :slight_smile:

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YEs thank you its clear now

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