Some question about dictionary

any documentation available about dictionary?
That was??


Nothing is given…

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This might give you a brief idea: Fundamentals of data structures: Dictionaries - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

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You can find the documentation for the Dictionary blocks here:


Yeah. I am searching for this…thank you.i have an another question. Which purpose we can use that.any live example

Import json data. Easy to look up too.

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I tried to look up some json data with the dictionary function but it says it’s not a dictionary somehow.

However if I just put the json data out as a text I get:


That should be the correct format, or not?

So… This is local db or cloud db?

do you have any YouTube channel?

I don’t understand about this. I need some videos about this. do you sent me some videos kodular dictionaries ?

I don’t know about this

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