Some requests for Kodular

This will be a brief topic requesting some features for Kodular (I thought it was better to create a single topic than to create several, I hope I’m doing it right).

Organizations (Horizontal, Vertical, In Table):
For organizations I’d like to request the addition of the “Edge Radius” property, so we who use Kodular could create cards without shadows, as in the example below:
This is a Google Calendar reminder card, it is realized that this type of card has no shadow, it is this effect that I want in my applications, with the current Kodular card this is not possible.

For CardView:
I would like to ask for some improvements to the CardView component, such enhancements related to elevation, this property does not work as it should, currently the elevation depends on the radius of the edge, the rounder the edges of the higher card it gets, since these properties should be distinct and independent of each other.
Another problem with CardView is related to the radius of the border, the radius of the border is not the same on all devices, in some the cards are well rounded (as it should be now), but on other devices with larger screens, therefore, with higher resolution, the card is almost square, this is not very cool.

For the Kodular Builder:
I do not know if this is possible, but could you add an option to create folders within the assets?
For example, to make it easier to organize the images, sounds, and videos inside the assets, instead of being messed up inside the main area, they would all be organized by folders created by Kodular user, this would certainly make it easier to develop applications by the ease of finding a file within the assets.

These are some features that I expect for a next big upgrade from Kodular, I hope I have not got anything wrong.