Some updates pls

hi i am willing for drag and drop option
can components side be drag and drop coz i becomes tough designing on screen

when is this mega update coming.
pls tell kodular team


maybe such update could be useful… but not that important if you keep the screen on scrollable you should be fine

but what if dont and images are to big so u cant

you can use this block


and keep the screen on scrollable all the time…

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i dont mean that .i mean while designing when screen gets overloaded how will u design?

you scroll down.
it never gets overloaded, maybe you have some arrangements set up in a bad way and that’s why things aren’t showing correctly if that’s even the case I can’t really tell what’s your problem, can you provide a screenshot or something?

I agree with you, I think it is a necessary feature (especially in projects with lots of components)


You completely misunderstood the topic. The OP wants to reorder the position of the component in the designer part, not in the screen.


yes @WatermelonIce


Not really I understood what he was saying

Just trying to tell him how to work with it the right way as is

try when ur screen gets too much overlooaded.
result u cant

pls telll when it will come

can u pls tell when it will come

I am also waiting

it is now getting oof tough to add components

Very simple while designing hide the components which disturb u (set visible false in properties)and after finishing set true

When it helps mark as solution