Some way to import .json file to Firebase?

I want to import some existing data from a .json file to a firebase database. Is this somehow possible?

Either with the Firebase Database component or with a Web component linked to the firebase?

I know that it is possible to import a .json file on the firebase website (There is a button for that) But not sure how to do it in kodular…

import that to firebase, and in kodular you can use firebase database component to get that data from firebase, its in google section. also search on firebase in community you will find your answers about setting that and getting data.


Yes I know about this button. What I want to do is import a json file WITHIN my kodular app to firebase.

First change category to discuss.
You want to import json of firebase to kodular.

No - I want to import a json file on my phone (or web) - through the kodular app - to my firebase database.