Someone please create a Proper Firebase Authentication Extension

(Abhinav Pal) #1

Hi there! I have a big problem which i am surprised is still not fixed regarding the Firebase Authentication So far I have seen 2 components or extension . 1) Kodular Firebase Component 2) Mixtrem Apps Firebase Auth Extension. BOTH of them do not give full functionality they both have some or the other drawbacks its mainly related to the Token functionality in these component/extensions.
I wanted to ask Is There ANYONE who can make me a Firebase Authentication Extension (with Google Sign-in If Possible) with full functionality?! I am willing to pay ! Please contact me! Thanks! :smiley:

(Cian) #2

Describe the pieces that are missing, and what you want please.

(Dupe Tech) #3

firebase authentication is already available in kodular components with all the features including Google Sign in check the blocks carefully

(Abhinav Pal) #4

What did i say in the post… you dont know much about the firebase auth extension do you!
In the Built in Firebase Auth Component the FirebaseDB does not work! when rules set to Auth!!!

(Dupe Tech) #5

Dear New User, first of all you have to know how to post in the community, alright ? Have you explained your problem properly ? No I dont see that ! Did you mention what features are missing ? NO !
Did you noticed what @cian has asked ? No ! You are only trying to show off your knowledge on me. There is no need to do that, be humble in the community, and be clear with your problems.
Happy Koding !

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