Something is not working in the Default app system

I have an browser app. but this is not working…

I have set this My Default Browser.

When I try to open any link…

It doesn’t open. I think that the problem is with deep link. I have searched in the community but the results are not working in my app. Can anyone help me to setup this properly by showing some blocks, guides, ideas etc etc.

Did you enabled deeplink in custom webview properties?

Yes! yes Enabled.

I’ve used deeplink in this exact extension in my app but it didn’t crash and it was working properly with start value.
Try this:

This is a browser app so, It should open all website URL. By this methods I have to add url from my self. Then How it will work.

Then maybe you have to use deeplink block.

Did you check what extensions are added when you import CustomWebView aix?

There I got 3 extensions.

  1. CustomWebViewer
  2. DownloadHelper
  3. BrowserPrompt

So, What will happened? How can I setup this to Open every url in my Browser App.

i think not possible now


Thank you for your time but its not working right now in Kodular


Did you try this?

can you please give me the link now?

No Didn’t, I didn’t found this one. Sorry!

But is there any problem if Import the New Extension? Like the old extension will not work or the old extension will upgraded.

Did you check the extension’s topic?

Yes??? I did not saw this topic very well.

Then please check the topic.
Most of the things have been already answered.

Hello @vknow360

I have downloaded the new extension for kodular but I am getting the same blocks…

The extension for Kodular doesn’t have any block.
Read the topic to learn how to use it.

I have checked this thing but I didn’t find any solution. I have just found some blocks called geturl but this block is not available.

So How can I do that???

Yes, that’s only available for AI2.

then how can I make this…