Something is wrong with the alignment

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Trying to get everything sorted I found this bug
As you can see here, textbox and labels are in the same horizontal arrangement. But when I export and install APK file I got this strange alignment.

(textbox in red just to see the size).

Only happening in the horizontal arrangements with textboxes.
(Align vertical set to center)

Steps to reproduce the issue

  • Place one horizontal arrangement
  • Set align to Center.
  • Place labels and textboxes into it.

Expected Behaviour

  • Everthing in the same line

Actual Behaviour

  • Not in the same line

Android version

  • 8.1.0 (LineageOS)
  1. Did you set Screen to “responsive” ? if not, do so.
  2. Did you set the designer view to “preview on a tablet” instead of “preview on phone” and install your app on a phone?

If you didn’t follow the design rules, you didn’t found a bug but your design is buggy:

Can you post a small aia, because no one else has reported this and I can not replicate this behavior…


try set you horizontal arragement width to fill parent, and your spacer width to automatic
and try to add multiple arragement into your screen

as far as i design, i not encounter the problem you mention, and if there was something wrong with it that mean your design was not as you expected

I managed to workarround it using table arrangement placing every component in columns.
I will try to post an .aia when ListView component work properly because at the moment my app crashes at startup :persevere:

As I mentioned earlier

doesn’t have to be your real project.


Let me know if you have the same result as me :frowning:

Horizontal.aia (434.9 KB)

I got the same issue with this table arrangement.

Yes but looks more like the component itself somehow got corrupt, it reported higher height than the others checkers.


i have tried it, maybe it caused by non english character
on my companion the non english character breaks the table height,
but when it comes to horizontal arragement it doesn’t break the automatic height of the checkbox

try to delete the non english character checkbox first then re add the checkbox, and the result should be fine

I found it why…


as you can see from the image you have, new line


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