Something wrong in airtable

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Of, fine whoever told that, but it’s just a silly mistake.
@sherif I think so your problem is Solved.

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in the previous aia hh file, I was wrong in the table name

but in real aia file that i work on , Total Rows has no problem (=98)
but the problem is still exist

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so can you only post the photos of the project you are facing problem as it is confusing now

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I will really take care of that later

Hi, I can see there are empty cells in your airtable spreadhsheet and try filling the empty cells, as I had the same problem once

Also try this

Just use a lable and set value to lable.text

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Can I set the default value of the blank cell to a fixed value, not found, for example?

yes, just try filling it with any values because we want to test whether blank cells are causing the error or not

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empty row
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It has been told multiple times in different topics that there should not be empty rows, that will create issue.

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I have marked you post as solution

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Also, you must use global switch variable before calling the GetColumn block.

last thing

how can I do that
because if the column has an empty cell it will not load

Instead of keeping blank set something default like empty.
And when you get the values if it contains empty then don’t show it.

But don’t keep blank cells.

As i said fill the blank cells with any value let’s say none and if you don’t want to show them in your app then you need to filter the using logic that if value not equal to “none” then only add items to your list


I want to do this automatically set the value of the empty cell to “not found”
how is it ?