Sometime portrait sometime lanscape

How do I solve the image that I source from the web, sometimes it is landscape, sometimes it is a portrait like the image below

In the picture above you can see, there are portrait images that are landscape

Are you using some kind of listview or you’ve created it manually?

no, i am using dynamic component

I have not tried this but you can check and see the results.

  1. Drag-in the Image editor component in the designer (Drawing and Animation > Image Editor)

  2. Image editor provides is Landscape method with which you can check if the image is in landscape or not before setting it to image component.

  3. If it is Landscape, then rotate the image to desired degrees and then set it to the image component

Let us know the result of this

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yes sometimes the landscape to the right sometimes to the left. because this is automatic by the system, so there must be a detector to check whether it has to be rotated 90 or 270 degrees to make a normal portrait.

can we check image from width and height?
so if width<height so we can assume this image is in portrait

but we can’t say its upside down or not