Song Writer - Lyric writing app with music player

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Song Writer - Lyrics

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Its essentially a notes app with a music player in it too, for easily writing lyrics. It was initially created for a friend of mine that wanted a notes app with a music player so he could control his audio while writing his lyrics to the melody.


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Play store - Song Writer


Looks like it has a great User Interface.Best Of Luck :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Thank you very much for the feedback, I love it! Good luck to you too.

Good app with nice concept!
However there are some bugs which I encountered while a short test

  1. The side menu button doesn’t work for me :point_down:

  1. In some cases an alert with a gibberish text is displayed :point_down:

  1. Suppose I have chosen a music track, wrote the lyrics and saved that note. Now when I try to add a new note, why does the previously chosen music is still playable there.
    What I mean to say is if I am adding a new note there should be know music track preset.
    I may not be able to provide a screen-recording for this.

  2. After picking music track, it would be much better if you can display the name of music track instead of ‘Pick a music track’ text. Same goes for the saved note when we open it

  3. I opened a saved note, cleared it’s title and contents and again saved it. But this time instead saving an empty note or displaying an error alert, the whole note got deleted :point_down:

  1. While creating a new note, if the note content(lyrics part) is empty, and I try to save it with a title text as ‘Untitled’, then it doesn’t saves the note and a gibberish alert is displayed same as in point 2 above.
    But if I try to do the same with title text as ‘test’ or any other text, then the note is successfully saved. Why so? :thinking:
    Screen recording :point_down:

There are few more bugs but I wasn’t able to reproduce them again. But if I able to reproduce them, I will let you know.


Thank you so much for this Vaibhav. I actually get happy to see you reply to my koded apps I always know you will find any issues. You should become a game or app tester.
I will most likely have all those issues fixed by today, thanks again!

And those notifiers… I need to remember to delete my test notifiers.

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The side menu works for me on 4 phones. No idea whats wrong there, but the other issues are fixable.

It won’t works in me too
I think you need to set the custom menu arrangement visible to true if you hide it will won’t show on Button click

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Thank you very much, I will give this a go.

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bababowey :laughing:

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Haha, Not the best test notifier to leave in…