SonMix (Player Music Random)

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A music player that searches all songs in mp3 format on the device and plays at random, without the need for the user to show where the songs are installed. Do not touch instant messaging messages.
Still in development, it is in PT-BR language. The design is not complete. I would like your evaluation. (I have not yet done the logic by not finding mp3 or any mp3 found, but it will be resolved soon)


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Nice app

Which fonts you are using ??

Thanks @AryanGupta .

The fonts used are Candles, Designero and Dinamix. Found in Google.

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Looks like a awesome app. Great job.

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Thanks to @Taifun e @bodymindpower the tips and guidance and also to everyone here in the community, because it was through the posts and discussions of everyone that I managed to get to this application.

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I added a checkbox that does not allow you to play whatsapp songs. Do I need to create a new topic for this?
I would like to know your evaluation of this app. I thank everyone .

I dont think so, you can edit your first post.

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