Soon 2 new extensions Face ID and ChromeCast

hello everyone I come to announce that soon 2 new extensions that I am developing will be available. Face ID: log in to the application through face recognition. ChromeCast Tv: video player with cast option for chrome cast or smartTV. leave feedback who is interested in these extensions.


Wow! That sounds amazing​:star_struck:

Can’t wait for another extension! Any information on them? Would like to know what is upcoming :sunglasses:


Btw, welcome to our Community!

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when it’s ready I will publish some prints of the blocks


I’m wait for some images. And final extension too :wink:

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I’m going to assume, that your Chrome Cast extension is gonna have to be open source if you’re using source code from a repository @alexitoo_uy?

Wooh, that’s great. :tada:
Waiting for your extension :grin:

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will be paid extension. me and my team will have to be rewarded for the months of work!


Sounds awesome! Btw can you create a Firebase Cloud Firestore extension? It is really a need for many Koders here! :grin:

ChromeCast extension have its own player ?
Can play m3u8, rtsp, mp4, or other live stream file ? what audio tipe support ?

Can’t wait for Chromecast Extension​:+1:


That does not depend on the extension, it depends on the multimedia file in question, there are certain formats that Google Cast cannot reproduce (Although this could change in the next Google Chromecast Sabrina)

I leave you a useful link about the formats and codecs:

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Still waiting. What about your development?

we are still working on it