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Have you made it in Kodular ? And if you have used any extensions (which I am sure you have) Please give the developers credit :smile:

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All are using Deephost extension in every tiktok like app :roll_eyes:

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Its a earning app, Right ?
From the first review I can tell yes.

No it’s not earning app.

Then what does the review of that user means.
Two times I redeemed it not give payment.

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And Don’t use Softgames Affiliate Service.
They Don’t Pay on Monthly Basis.
As far as i Remember they Pay when you make $500.

And i Don’t think Achieving that mark is Easy for a new Apps.

And also so far i have not met Anyone who has got Payment with Softgames.

It’s extension developers making extensions that people could make earning apps with :man_facepalming:t2: