Sort list by date and time


I want to sort this list by date and time

I have created a procedure to create the date time format

and using the datetools extension, I set the difference between the dates in the list

my idea is to go through the list and establish the differences and create a temporary list with the highest values ​​and eliminate the verified values ​​in the main list, but I have turned it around and can’t find how to do it

Why don’t you search before creating topic…
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Thanks for answering

That thread that you indicate to me, I had already seen, but it did not adapt to what I am asking.

What I have done now is recreate the list, one by one in a bucle and using segment text , putting the dates first so they look like this:
(2020/06/09 16:27:30 30127575OP98
2020/06/09 00:32:56 30127575CL98
2020/06/09 15:06:44 30127575CL98
2020/06/09 00:33:30 30127575CL97
2020/06/09 00:34:05 30127575OP98
2020/06/09 16:27:23 30127575CL98
2020/06/09 00:33:14 30127575OP98)

and using this listutils extension:


the list is ordered by date and time

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