Sort List_View by date? (for Diabetes-Management App)


I have created a diabetes management app*. Now I have received feedback from a user. And he wished that the list (List_View) (entries with data provided) is sorted by date, so that the latest data are above.

Now my question:
Is this possible? If so, would it be nice to know how? :sweat_smile: Because I have absolutely no idea if that is possible.

Have a good time!

*I will also translate the app into English, as it is currently only in German. Also, I will share the app then here in the forum.

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In was für einem Format ist deine Liste gespeichert? Beinhaltet deine Liste das Datum/die Uhrzeit?

I know we are both german, but i think its better that we write in english, so that everyone can understand ^^

To your question:
It is saved like this (example) :
27.12.2018 | XXXXXX


You can sort lists with this extension


I will try it as soon as possible :smiley:

please help me I couldn’t shuffle 4 lists with the same order or value

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Vi chiedo aiuto per mettere in ordine una serie di date.
10/04/2020 questo è il formato

Spero che riusciate ad aiutarmi ho già perso una marea di tempo