Sorting of Dynamic list by time/name

Its very very simple method to sort your lsit doesn’t metter its
any extention list
dynamic list
card view etc

u can sort by name,date ( assceding/descending)

U can set last added content will come on top of list…
no split text block no replacemnt text again and again…

1… set ur firebase bucket with (tym+ your unique text)

2nd… set ur main tag(which contain values) like this with name+date…

for admin app update data);

and other side for admin app
get all tags in simple listview find updating field by (time and + ur unique txt)
then set listview selection as bucket and get all inside value and then update)

3rd… when u got values then save in varibale…this values save as type of sort list which u give…

thats it…

work of logic


Great work… :+1::+1:Keep up the good work


Thanks you

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