Sortlist deletes the original list without deleting it?

Hello experts,
i need your support.
I use the following procedure to sort my lists for the highscroe. That works great too!

The original lists are empty afterwards … he deletes them and I don’t understand why.
The output of the Notifire is: (empty list)?
Has any idea? what do I have to do so that the Name list is not empty afterwards?

Thank you very much - it’s really important!

sort.aia (16.7 KB)

Well These Blocks Don’t Match With What I Shared /You Pointed.

Remove the Remove Blocks and you will Know.

Simple Create a Duplicate of Them.

The logic is the same for both - sorting works but the original list is empty !?

Can’t work with it now, can’t delete names, etc.

Here, too, the Global_name list is empty after sorting …

does someone have an explanation

Would you Mind Trying This.

is HE you


yes that’s me, sorting works too … I wanted to delete certain names from the sorted list and have now found that the original list is empty.

Save the original list in Names_help!

If I remove the remove block it no longer sorts! Since Max is always 3455.

No that Don’t Saves
It Only Acts as a Bridge.

Change Help to the Normal Variable Ones.

do not quite understand? How do I save my original name and point list?

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I thought with:

I create a duplicate.

But with lists I have to do the following!

Danke Addelin für das Gespräch und den Austausch - bist ein guter FReund

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