Sound Animation effect using Lottie

Hello Koders,
i build a radio app using exoplayer, how can i use lottie sound animation to react with the playing music ?

Do you mean playing sound along with lottie animation?

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Yes i want it to interact with the rithem , i added it it but is it like a normal animation without interactingScreen Shot 2020-07-03 at 9.53.51 AM

Can you show a video what’s happening that would be better to understand

Sent you an APK

PAXradio (1).apk (5.8 MB)

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Why don’t you download the lottie animation as Mp4 and using video editor merge the video and audio and play it in video player component

And also change the name of your topic it should be playing sound along with lottie animation

i can download it as mp4 but why i should do that ? this is not my point

I mean this is an alternative if the lottie animation and sound do not play togethee as you want

ok lets say that i have the mp4 video , kodular accept adding mp4? and how is the way to let this music playing interact with that file? did you checked my apk ?

I mentioned this

it is a live streaming ! there are no way to merge at this way you thinking ,