Sound clips stop working after a few moments


(Hans Stockholm) #1

I made a simple soundboard app (an app that ) but after you play like 10 clips the sounds stop working and I have no idea whats going on,

anybody has an idea of what could i do to fix this??

you can try the app here in case you wanna see it:


Instead of show your app you should give better informations.
Like which component do you use to play sounds?

(Hans Stockholm) #3

ohh sorry, well I use a player component from the media palette and the i use the following code to initialize

and then the following code to play the sound and stop it in case the user plays a diferent one


You should use for short sounds the sounds component and not the player component.

(BeeriaApps) #5

Mika, disagree. Sound component is buggy (lots of errors thrown, even for sounds < 1 second long), player is much better option.
carlosfcabrales - problem with your app is it uses huge amount of memory. You should use only ONE player instance for all sounds. It looks to me you are using 1 player per 1 sound. If you have 30 sounds, then 30 player components is not a good idea. I’m not sure if phone/tablet with so much RAM exists to support such solution. Please search forum i’ve already explained it to someone.

(Hans Stockholm) #6

ohh I see, thx for the help !