Sound Frequency (Hz)

Can someone help me?

I’m creating an app and I need it to recognize the sound frequencies using the phone’s microphone, like a guitar tuner. Could someone help me solve this problem by creating an extension or letting me know if any kodular components can do this.
Thanks in advance for helping me :slight_smile:

NOTE: I need him to show the frequency of the sound in hertz (Hz), but if he also tells me what musical note that sound represents, it will also help me a lot.

See e.g. here:


Try this:
239C.- Obtener el nivel de sonido del micrófono. VUmeter.

239D.- Obtener la frecuencia de sonido del micrófono. Pitch.


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Thank you very much! You guys helped me a lot. :clap: :v: :+1: :heart:

Thanks Anke, I have also learned with the answers you give in the discussions.

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