Sound not function after export to apk file

hello everyone can help me,

i make one apps sounds animal…the problem is when i test by connection by companion that not have problem…all sounds are functions. But i export by generate APK file and install my handphone…30% of sounds not functions…anybony can help me…

Show your blocks!

i made 30 screen…every screen had 1 sound. The screen change to another screen each 7 second. test companion all sounds are functions but i export a few button not working…

Maybe this is the problem

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:scream: :scream: this might be the problem

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THANK U ALL my friends…in the end i can solve the problems. Thank your ideas…i want to sharing…if u use many screen, a few sounds not function because u open without closed the screen…to solve u must close current screen before to another screen…
*im sorry because my english not good

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