Sound recorder doesn't work for me

can you help me ?

Not tested but…



I did not understand what to do because I am ignorant and a novice. I couldn’t translate your language because it’s a picture.:((:((

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I would like to see if there is a block made by looking at it. I found aia from 10 different youtube but none of them worked. I tried everything

If there is a working block that has been made before, I can do it by looking at it.

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i did as above but i get the following error :frowning:

soundRec.apk (5.1 MB)
soundRec.aia (7.2 KB)

Thank you. after days i was able to win :slight_smile:

I wanted to look at my errors, but I don’t have a plugin called GetASD1. but i know this is for newbies like me i guess. :):slight_smile:

Can I get GetASD1 additionally please ?


Thank You So Much.

Of course, the fileName should start with a slash:

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