Sound recorder to create a new recorded sound file

I want sound recorder to create a new recorded sound file and i want that file to be uploaded on the server. But, it is asking for an existing file with full name and if don’t do so…it says “Error 802: null”…can anyone help me with this?

Thanks Peter for the suggestion and the guide. But, I knew this and tried my best to clarify my problem. Can u tell me how can i improve my question?

And yes, please note that, I only posts questions after doing a lot of search on the community and reading each and every comment…and only when I didn’t get my answer in that stuff. That’s why it took 2 days for me to post this, I was reading each comment and was trying different different methods to solve the problem. But, unfortunately it didn’t help. Hope u understand!

If you would show your blocks as suggested in Peter’s link we could see what you have done or what you are trying to do and where the error may be.

I think I can make u better understand my problem with my words because there are not as such blocks for showing here.
Please try to understand:

In my App, I just want that by clicking a button, A sound recording should start and after it has finished, a mp3 file should be created. And, that will be later uploaded on the server. But, the problem is that for the sound recorder an existing file should be there(correct me if I am wrong) which should be mentioned in the SAVED RECORDING field of the component, which will be used to save the recording, and if it is not there a 802 error occurs saying “802 error: null” And, I want the recorder to create a mp3 ( or whatever audio extension) file everytime it records. I hope u will understand. Pardon me If I wrote anything wrong.

  1. Show your blocks.
  2. You can’t save your recordings as . mp3

I don’t think so.
Maybe you are missing WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.

Okay…Maybe that’s possible. Can u guide to store a new file…and what we have to put in the saved recording block of the component.

I am getting 802 error: null whenever I try to start recording…

The saved recording info says " If the “saved recording” value is an empty string, it will create a new file in appropriate location" and that’s what I want…I have left that blank/empty. But it throws an error whenever I start recording.

Can you provide the logcat?

And how can i do so?

I also tried write external storage permission…it still shows “Error 802: Cannot start recording: null” :sob:

See here:

Hey its hard for me to do so…Can u plz clarify…it seems a bit complex…

I am trying with a third party application…

By the way I don’t know anything about logcat…I will share the info that the third party app will provide…

should i share the whole text…tell me if it includes some sensitive info about my device or not?

Well…log reader apps need root permission to print logs of other applications.

Oh…but mine is not a rooted device…can we leave the idea of logcat?