Soundboard App Template (MATERIAL DESIGN)

Hey there!

This is my first template. It’s a soundboard app that follows material design. It is easily modified because of informational comments, simple (and organized) blocks, variables, and free customer support.

It costs $5 for the template and $20 for a customized soundboard app. (with some exceptions and limitations. If you’re interested in a customized app, please direct message me.)

Paypal Link -

Please direct message me with your PayPal name so I can confirm your purchase and send you the .aia file.


  • Material Design
  • Simple Blocks
  • Smooth Animations
  • Admob Banner & Interstitial Ad Implementation
  • Side menu
  • Guaranteed Updates for 2 Years
  • Unlimited customer service on weekdays

Download test apk here.

I am currently working on a rewards app using the new offerwall component. Stay tuned for next week:)

Do you just love providing updates like Security Updates like Google :joy:

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İ think design of app is very poor. You need to improve

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I agree, makes you doubt if he are really following the lines of Material Design.